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Image by Francesco Gallarotti

the road less traveled

It is my belief that for many generations, our society has been focused on producing more, doing more, being more – so much so, that many people now feel we have forgotten the essence of our true selves and how to live joyful, fulfilling lives. The research and statistics tracking the rise in anxieties, depression, and suicides are clear evidence of this.

Over the past few years, heightened with the global inception of COVID, the frameworks and structures that we once pinned our lives on have been disrupted or, in many cases, stripped away. What we once knew no longer exists and where our destination lies remains unclear.  With persistent uncertainties, many are feeling a sense of lost control in their lives.  An overwhelming awareness has emerged causing us to rethink our present way of living and our path to a desired future – but where and how do we begin?

As a Therapeutic Life Coach, and founder of re: generations, llc, my vision is to offer Creative Arts & Wellness Workshops - utilizing concepts of art therapy, restorative yoga, and mediation practices collectively to aid in mindfulness and creating the ‘Art of Now’.

Our Creative Arts & Wellness Workshops are designed to encourage participant's awareness for improving their physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being.  Workshops include restorative yoga and stretching, as well as meditative and relaxation exercises to help inspire calm, centered, and empowered moments to re-set and re-focus.  Meaningful art exercises engage participants in drawing, painting, collage, pottery, woodworking, gardening and more.  To stay in tune with nature, workshops incorporate both indoor and outdoor spaces when available.

The process of art can guide participants to realize patterns within themselves. Thus, it can also help them realize their abilities to create more desired patterns of mindset,  and open new viewpoints for the improvements in life that they truly desire. 

Our workshops are about the process of creating and not a final product, guiding the participant's focus on the process of ‘Creating Now’, and better equipping them with the skills they need to ultimately coach themselves to a their aspired alignment with self.

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