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re: generations

At re: generations, our artisan crafts are inspired by restoration and renewal.  Incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials, we offer handmade products that bring sustainable joy to your home & garden.

Embrace past, present and future.  


Live [and give] simply by design. 


Goddess Aura Co. 

Enjoy the amazing scents and good vibes from Goddess Aura Co. candles and soaps.  The soy based candles are beautifully infused with essential oils, a potpourri of florals & spices and the boost of healing crystals.  The goat milk soaps are incredibly moisturizing and full of aroma therapy.

Relax and feel the magic surround you.


Deer Forest Woodworks

As a trained chef and food lover, Ben knows the importance of quality products in the kitchen.  Using maple, cherry, walnut and other durable hardwoods, these boards are custom made to last. Choose from a variety of products:  charcuterie boards, cutting boards, coasters, noodle boards and more. 


Custom designs and/or engraving available.

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